Earn money from your contents.

We strongly believe that high quality work must be rewarded. For this reason we let every publisher include ads in its contents. We provide a consistent interface that help users enjoy ads while browsing your articles, images, videos and more. 100% of the revenue is yours.

It’s all automatic, just select your ads.

You just need to include your ads in your feed. FlashBeing will then automatically care for the optimization and delivering of them to all of your users. No other change is needed.

Cross device first.
Your ads everywhere.

It doesn’t matter if your users are using a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, with FlashBeing you’re sure that they’ll always see your ads in the best possibile way.

Choose between several formats.

We let you include multiple formats of ads, from a compact banner to a full text width leaderboard. Choose the one which fits your needs.

Connected Web: the next-gen syndication format

FlashBeing supports Connected Web, a new open source web syndication format to share data for aggregation. It has been developed to allow high quality cross platform distribution of any kind of static data, such as full articles, videos, pictures, galleries, weather forecasts and more. Learn more >

Goodbye ad-blockers.
Your ads are now always visible.

FlashBeing doesn’t allow to use any kind of ad-blocker, so your ads will be always visible on official apps and users have no way to remove it.

Include your ads.

Include your ads to start to earn money from the contents you deliver with FlashBeing.

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